revolution intensive




Revolutions disrupt the status quo.

They challenge outdated ideas and create a new and exciting future. This revolution invites you to a party that will transform the way you think and do business.

This intensive is for you

are you entrepreneur?

If you are an entrepreneur
or aspiring to be one

maverick or revolutionary thinker

If you are a maverick
or revolutionary thinker

world class

If you want to join a community
of world class entrepreneurial leaders

cannot buy the revolution.
You cannot make the revolution.
You can only be the revolution.
It is in your spirit or it is nowhere.

- Ursula Le Guin -
You cannot buy the revolution.
You cannot make the revolution.
You can only be the revolution.
It is in your spirit or it is nowhere.

- Ursula Le Guin -

Fuel for the mavericks

You do things on your terms. Your maverick nature - rather than hindering you - drives your success. As an
entrepreneur, you consistently face new opportunities that call you forth into something greater. You are challenged
to grow and evolve. But it’s exactly those things that made you successful in the past that could hold you back in the
future. What got you here won’t get you there.
It’s time for your personal revolution.

Your personal revolution is about taking that next step to exponentially uplevel yourself and your business.
It’s shifting your mindset in powerful ways. It’s stepping outside your comfort zone and leaning into your edge in service
of something greater. Your revolution will make you more powerful than you can imagine.
Ultimately, your revolution will spur you into action that’s in alignment with what you want,
even if that action scares you.

I need, I need a revolution.
My own revolution.
My very own revolution.
I need, I need a revolution.
My own revolution.
My personal revolution

- Ziggy Marley -
I need, I need
a revolution.
My own revolution.
My very own revolution.
I need, I need a revolution. My own revolution.
My personal revolution

- Ziggy Marley -

Revolutions don’t happen at your desk

The Revolution Intensive will take you out of the office - and out of the box.
You’ll create, collaborate, and connect with a diverse group of innovative thinkers.
And you’ll get clear on what your personal revolution is.
Everybody’s personal revolution looks and feels different, but they all propel
us forward… exponentially.

Your revolution could be anything. Perhaps you want to:

  • Be confidently you and align with fun, smart, prosperous people

  • Build authentic relationships with those making a monumental impact in the world

  • Slow down to speed up and let your intuition guide the way

  • Bring more spirituality and presence into your business in a way that’s fun and engaging

  • Get funding or build the team to take your business to the next level

  • Double or triple your sales or that of your team so you can impact more lives

  • Work less in your business and more on your business to make space for what you love

Community for the change-makers

The Revolution Intensive brings together inspiring entrepreneurs, mavericks and leaders for a powerful 3-day event that will transform you and your business.

You will:

  • Gain clarity about your personal revolution and your vision for the future

  • Unleash your passion and creativity for your business

  • Expand your thinking around what’s possible for you

  • Learn to build a professional life that’s authentic and uniquely you

  • Take the first step towards exponentially upleveling your business

  • Make friends and network with some of the world’s most inspiring visionaries

  • Have fun. Be bold. Get dirty, laugh, sing, dance, and celebrate failure—and success

Meet Krisztina

Krisztina Kohlhaas

Krisztina Kohlhaas is a coach to entrepreneurial leaders throughout the world. She partners with ambitious people to help them uplevel their businesses and become dynamic and collaborative leaders, communicators, and role models of high integrity. Krisztina has coached CEOs of multi-million dollar companies, sole proprietors, sales professionals, and those just embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship.
By night she sings in the rock band Soul Survivor.

This revolution is a party


  • David Hamilton

    David Hamilton

    David works with executives, entrepreneurs, and their teams to help them leverage top state-of-mind to achieve double the results with half the effort. He serves his clients via one-on-one coaching or in team environments through his company, Everlution. He is also the founder of Social Expression, helping men and women around the world overcome social anxiety. David lives in Denver, CO.

    Monica Day

    Monica Day

    Monica is the owner of Ducky Life Tea, founder of The Sensual Life, and integrative coach to individuals, executives, and groups. A woman of many talents, she performs original spoken word poetry and storytelling in New York and Pennsylvania, including at the Philly Fringe Festival. Monica brings a unique combination of sensuality, diversity, and business to her work, and is the founder of the Power of One, which invites 5 people on a journey to create and ultimately perform a one-person show in New York City. Monica is currently on the faculty of Rich Litvin’s 4PC Project, a program for the top 4% of coaches in the world. She lives in Philadelphia, PA.

    Robert Kandell

    Robert Kandell

    Robert has been a business owner since 1999. His first venture was customized financial solutions for financial firms, hospitals, and restaurants. Since then he has built four corporations, including OneTaste, where he increased revenue ten-fold in three years. OneTaste was recently ranked 893 in Inc’s top 5000 companies. Robert lives in Los Angeles, CA.


The Revolution Intensive will take place at the inspiring Intersection for the Arts inside the
Chronicle Building in downtown San Francisco.


Intersection for the Arts
925 Mission Street #109

Thursday, February 26, 9am-5pm, Evening Program begins 5:30pm   |   Friday, February 27, 9am-5pm, Evening Program begins 7pm   |   Saturday, February 28, 9am-5pm

Join the party

Your investment for the intensive goes beyond just money. You must bring your energy, presence, and willingness to play full out, have fun, and contribute 100%. The goal of the Revolution Intensive is that you will create at least a 10x return on your investment with the insights you apply.







Every revolution begins with a spark

Revolution 2015 is really about the people. Every single person there will inspire you. Space is limited in order to ensure the highest level of conversation and connection. Join the Revolution and light your fire.

  • Sean Singleton

    “ Krisztina’s passion is other people’s success, which is why she has built her vibrant practice of calling forth the talents we all have inside of us and transforming them into powerful vehicles of success. As an entrepreneur in the corporate financial services sector, I’ve had more impactful and fulfilling client engagements and have delivered solutions that exactly meet the needs of my customers as the direct result of Krisztina's guidance. ”

    - Sean Singleton -

    Principal at NewCap Partners
  • Julie Hayes

    Time with Krisztina shifted my whole life and I am now joyfully on my way to reaching my goals and my dreams are coming true.

    - Julie Hayes -

    Director at Nerium International
  • Elatia Abate

    With Krisztina’s support, I landed my first institutional client less than two weeks after I officially opened my shop. And, I created two additional clients less than six weeks later. My business also grew from coaching individuals to leading workshops and classes to creating online content. I am now working on much larger projects. All of this in under a year.

    - Elatia Abate -

  • Consuelo Faust

    "Krisztina Kohlhaas helped me make one of the most important decisions in the 35 years of my company's existence. She is extremely skilled and asks observant and difficult questions. She also has an intuitive, soft, generous quality – but have no doubt, she does not let up. I admire and recommend her very highly."

    - Consuelo Faust -

    Founder of Rhythm & Motion